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Top 5 Data Science Publications You Should Read

Top 5 Data Science Publications You Should Read

When starting or advancing your data science career it is crucial you read. Data scientists constantly read and explore what’s happening in the rapidly changing data landscape. Ask any data scientist and they’ll agree.   If you’re just getting started in the...

How to Become a Data Scientist

How to Become a Data Scientist

Data science isn’t for everyone. Success requires an aptitude for math combined with creativity and curiosity. More succinctly, success is being able to manipulate the data into telling stories and giving insights.   If that sounds like a good time then read on....

Welcome to My Site

Welcome to My Site

Welcome to Phil Supinski's website – it's currently being built out and completed, but check back soon for blogs and updates from Phil!

Supinski’s Background

Phil Supinski is a tech ambassador, data analytics student and economics expert with more than a decade of experience working in sales and marketing.

Supinski’s career trajectory was molded after he enrolling at the Colorado School of Mines, an engineering and research university in Golden, Colorado. Despite being recruited to be an early enrollee in the biological engineering program, Supinski shifted his focus when the program failed to come to fruition, finding his niche in the data-driven field of economics.

Phil’s pursuit of a career in data analysis began before “big data” was a buzzword used by every business analyst on the planet, starting during his time at Colorado School of Mines and blossoming to this day. Supinski’s intrinsic desire to harness the raw power of data and in practical means in the world around him has driven his career shift from marketing to the world of data science.

With a strong background in mathematics, data reporting, and enterprise resource planning systems, Phil Supinski recognized the story that data was able to tell, and was quickly enthralled in unraveling and adding meaning to any data put in front of him.

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Economics, Phil’s career began at Denver-based Initech, then Colorado’s largest 3com value-added reseller.  After spending three years at Initech as a Sales Engineer, 3com was purchased by Hewlett-Packard and Supinski shifted his career, taking over NerdPhone.

In 2010, Phil helped to launch, brand, and provide direction for NerdPhone, a provider of cloud-based VoIP, systems as CEO and Solutions Architect. Bringing the competitive spirit he honed in during his days playing football at Colorado School of Mines, Phil helped lead NerdPhone to exponential growth during his tenure as the company expanded its reach across the United States and Canada before selling the company in 2012.

After his departure from NerdPhone, Phil Supinski sought a position that allowed him to put his varied skills to use. In late 2012, he found that opportunity with Iron-Point, where he took a position as a Consulting Engineer at the Golden-based mobile demand generation and marketing company. At Iron-Point, Phil sold accounts, worked with Google AdWords, utilized SEO tactics and acted as a consultant and marketing expert on a number of high-profile accounts.

Phil’s most recent challenge came at ePower Manufacturing, where he was tasked with orchestrating a complete rework of the sales and manufacturing teams as a director in the organization. After a successful overhauling process, Supinski declined an offer to relocate to Wisconsin and continue work with ePower, instead choosing to further his education and focus on a career in data science.

Today, Phil Supinski continues to seek out his next challenge. Recently, he enrolled at Columbia University, seeking his professional certification in Data Sciences. After expanding and growing his professional skill set, Supinski plans to dive headfirst into data analytics, combining his knowledge and proficiencies in Python and data science with his strong background in leadership, marketing, sales and engineering to good use.