People with computer science and data analytical skills are always looking forward to working for a company that has a significant reputation in the industry. Big companies are adored due to several factors including high salaries and other compensation benefits, future growth, and the fact that they provide job security. Here are some big data companies that individuals can consider.


Probably the largest social network company in the world, Facebook provides individuals an opportunity to work in a company that is specifically focused on analyzing social network data. The company can use this data for marketing or other important factors that don’t interfere with individuals’ quality. The most significant aspect about this company is that employees are required to work freely, and there is no expected code of dressing, which has to be respected as well.


Google stands out as one of the leading technological organization around the world. Mostly focused on promotion, marketing and web hosting services, Google is a multinational organization that works in almost every corner of the world. An employee can get the chance to work in any part of the country, which will be an essential aspect.


Probably the most innovative company in the world, Microsoft gives an opportunity to the employees to express themselves through creativity and innovation. There is an innovation hub where employees take their creative ideas for consideration, nurturing, and polishing. Those employees who have an idea of pushing an innovative idea, working at Microsoft would be the best idea for any individual.


This is one of the growing database management company that has brought a significant number of software into the market. Most of the software currently under use by a significant amount of companies around the world. The company provides open communication to its employees. There is open engagement among the employees in the organization and all the senior managers and even the chief executive officer.


SAP has been known as one of the largest company in providing enterprise software and cloud-based services. One of the best aspects of SAP is that it does not offer external recruitment if the skills needed can be sought from within. This means that there is an opportunity for growth for most of the employees working in the company.