When looking for jobs in technology, especially in big data, most people look to Silicon Valley. However, Silicon Valley hasn’t been able to keep up with the influx of brilliant minds who move there. Known as one of the worst cities for affordable housing, the tech mecca’s high cost of living is a big deterrent for those looking for jobs. If you find yourself in that category, check out some of these other cities that are great for big data jobs.

Raleigh, North Carolina

The headquarters for Cisco, Citrix, and Lenovo all reside in Raleigh, providing big opportunities for big data scientists to start or continue their careers. The city has been in the top 10 cities for big data for years, but has consistently shown growth over the past few years.

Dallas, Texas

Job opportunities in Dallas increase every year, and opening in big data are no exception. The city already boasts a big tech population, but the city’s healthcare and finance companies are beginning to need big data scientists.

Boston, Massachusetts

A large concentration of finance, security, and insurance companies, as well as big name universities, combine to make incredible opportunities for big data scientists. Careers for security software engineers has especially seen good growth over the past few years.

Denver, Colorado

Many new mobile applications are calling Denver their home. Startups favor the fresh air and weather, which make the living conditions much better than other cities on the list. They also like the salaries; for IT workers, Denver boasts the eighth highest average salaries in the U.S.

Portland, Oregon

Known to many as the Silicon Forest, Portland’s tech scene rivals that of Silicon Valley’s but without the super-high cost of living. With Yahoo!, Intel, and HP all calling Portland their home, opportunities for big data scientists abound.

Atlanta, Georgia

With a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies, Atlanta’s job scene has ample careers for big data scientists. More and more companies are seeing the need for those who can manage and implement data in efficient and effective ways, so much so that Atlanta’s IT sector has grown substantially in the past few years.

Hartford, Connecticut

The small city of Hartford has had equal growth in the IT sector as Washington D.C., making it an up-and-comer center for big data work. Insurance and finance companies, like Aetna and Cigna, have their homebase in this city, and the proximity to New York City makes it a perfect center for future growth.

San Diego, California

Much sunnier than northern California, San Diego has seen substantial growth in the IT sector. If you want to spend your days doing data work and your nights and weekends in the sun on the beach, San Diego is an excellent city for job opportunities.

Toronto, Canada

Financial companies are popping up left and right in Toronto, creating a need for big data scientists. Companies like these need to understand their customers and what they want, especially for new and developing companies. If you don’t mind moving over the border, Toronto might provide a great new job.

St. Louis, Missouri

Wrapping up the list is St. Louis, which, like Boston, is small but mighty when it comes to universities and companies that need big data pros. Rich in pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies, St. Louis is aplenty with careers.

Don’t get caught up in the idea that Silicon Valley is the one and only place to find a high-paying job in tech. Plenty of other cities in the country (and Canada) provide excellent quality of life and high-paying jobs for big data scientists. With a little research and flexibility, finding a great career may be closer than you think.